The Best Tips for Healthy Drinking Cocktails with Blender for Juicing

The Best Tips for Healthy Drinking Cocktails with Blender for Juicing

When you are wondering about how to prepare juice drinks, using a blender is the way to go. Here we look at 12 great ideas for making your own healthy

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When you are wondering about how to prepare juice drinks, using a blender is the way to go. Here we look at 12 great ideas for making your own healthy drinks using a blender.

These days it can be hard to manage a full working day and your health. By using a blender to make homemade drinks, you can really get nutrients in and feel a lot healthier with ease. This article looks at 12 great ideas that you can use every day to make some healthy cocktails to drink on the go. Let’s find out more.


1. Making Juice or Smoothie?

If you’re pondering about making juice drinks, are you going to have a juice or smoothie? When you’ve got the juice, the cell walls in fruit and vegetables will be broken down so that the pulp is separated from the liquid, whereas smoothie will have everything, including the pulp, in a glass.


2. Letting Go of Some Common Misconceptions

We need to discuss both calories and fiber. Many people say that juicing removes all of the fiber, yet it is a popular misconception. Although a lot of fiber is lost without a doubt, not all of it is. Soluble fiber is always going to be in fresh juice, even if the pulp is removed.


3. Purchasing Machine That’s Right for You

If you’re looking to use a blender for juicing, go all out and find something that will last. If you are on a budget, a cheap kitchen blender can allow you to make juice too – you just strain the pulp through a tea towel suspended on a string. However, this takes a long time. If you can afford it, purchase a slow juicing machine that crushes all of the content up instead of tearing it.


4. Juice with Skin, Pulp, and Pith

When thinking about how to make cocktails, people often like to remove a lot of things. We would recommend leaving everything because it contains lots of nutritional value. However, obviously, discard any rough skins from fruits such as pineapples or avocado. As an added bonus, any leftover pot can also be added to the pancake batter to improve the taste.


5. Go Green Today

Leafy greens are full of nutrients, including iron and folic acid. One substance that we would highly recommend is adding bitter wheatgrass to your drink. It is a little bitter, but it is full of excellent nutrients, and you’ll only need a tiny amount. Consider how you can incorporate this ingredient with your best blender for juicing.

6. Mixing Different Fruit ‘n Veg

When you’re cooking healthy drinks, think about the balance of flavor. Try to add some contrast between sharp, sweet, and bitter tones. Also, think about how the texture in your juice drinks will work as well to provide overall harmony. You’ll want to satisfy all the different senses.

7. Try to Incorporate Organic Material

If you look at the vast majority of cases, skins of fruits and vegetables will absorb harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, many farmers are still using pesticides and fertilizers, and these can make their way into the body. The solution is to go organic because you wouldn’t even believe how many horrible chemicals there are in most fruits and vegetables! It’s also better for the planet too.


8. Juice Drinks are Best Consumed Immediately

Within the first 30 seconds, nutrients begin to disappear. Once you have made your drink, drink it immediately! You can also freeze it to lock the nutrients in for a long time.


9. In The Morning

Did you know that healthy morning drinks are much better than evening drinks? Research supports this claim, so have your drink in the morning. Why wouldn’t you want to wake up to great flavors anyway?


10. Mold is Awful

Nobody wants to have molded their drink, so how can you prevent it? We would recommend rinsing berries in a 1 to 10 vinegar-water solution. After you do, try them out completely. You can then store them for longer without them getting moldy.


11. For the Young Ones

It’s a great idea to feed your kids with juice as soon as you can. Research suggests that homemade product is much more effective than any multivitamins you can purchase. They will also go crazy for great-tasting juices!


12. Adding Supplements

When producing homemade drinks, sneak a few supplements into them. Supplements can be unpleasant to take on their own. However, the juice will mask any taste. You’ll simply never tell!



When you next cook a cocktail recipe, take note of our 12 fantastic tips. Both your body and taste buds will be in for a treat. All the best!


How do you like to make juice? Tell us in the comments section below.


Author’s Bio: R. Hudson is a copywriter from Kent. She knows all about healthy living because she previously ran her own drinks company. Nowadays, Hudson is semi-retired and likes to be her own writing boss. She has written countless articles to date on well-being, lifestyle, and other topics.