How To Redesign Your Kitchen Using IoT Appliances

How To Redesign Your Kitchen Using IoT Appliances

You have to keep pace with the time to experience the best thing in the world. The technology is changing at a rapid speed and it has affected our day

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You have to keep pace with the time to experience the best thing in the world. The technology is changing at a rapid speed and it has affected our day to day living also. If you see an image of the kitchen 10 years ago, it will drastically differ from today’s representation.

The appliances have changed as it has become smarter and more efficient. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the IoT Kitchen Appliances are gaining access in the households to uplift the look of the home by adding a touch of sophistication. The easy interface makes life easier, accessible and smoother.

So, it is time to redesign your kitchen with advance IoT appliances like Kitchen Chimney, refrigerator, and water purifier. Find out how IoT can reshape your kitchen with smart and innovative ways, let’s take a look.

Kitchen Chimney
1. Grocery Management: Managing groceries is quite a tedious job for everyone. A device that can read the barcodes of the packet and help you to manage the grocery list is nothing less than a divine blessing. You can find devices like Amazon Dash and Hiku that directly order the groceries from the online store using your voice command.

Moreover, you can have freeze manager like Hiku that scan the whole freeze and suggest you the grocery you need to restock. You can also integrate to a third party shopping list so that it can compare the price and order items as per your convenience.

2. Supervising: In the kitchen, you cannot predict when anything will go wrong. That’s why you need to install monitoring and alarming devices that are able to send you an alert if they detect any problem the home. When there is any change in the atmosphere in respect of factors like smoke, pollen, humidity or temperature, the devices will alert the owner with a text message or automated call.

If neighbors are connected to the same network, then it will send an alarm to them as well. You can take the help of a gas monitor that can detect the presence of petroleum gas and carbon monoxide. It is useful to check the leakage or forgotten stove.

3. Voice Activated Devices: In the kitchen, we find ourselves in pretty much messy condition and don’t know how to overcome them. For example, you may need to turn off the Kitchen Chimney but both of your hands are covered with flour.

This is the time; you need the IoT Kitchen Appliances that are controlled by the voice so that you can efficiently manage all the activities in an effortless manner.

4. Cooking: Now, comes the most important part of the kitchen – cooking. You hardly imagine the stuff that the IoT Kitchen Appliances are capable to do. From smart toaster to digital pressure cooker; there are several things that can make your cooking experience easier.

You can just set the recipe from any online portal, and the appliances will do all the works like slicing, chopping, stirring, adjusting heat and many other things by themselves. It is the genie of the magic lamp for the people who don’t like to cook always.