How To Become A Good Hr Manager

How To Become A Good Hr Manager

Tips for gaining experience in personnel management. 1. Do not be afraid of large companies After you have been educated, naturally, you nee

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Tips for gaining experience in personnel management.

1. Do not be afraid of large companies

After you have been educated, naturally, you need to get a job in the HR department of a company. If your dream is a big well-known company, then you should know that one of the strongest stereotypes of people who are just starting to build their professional careers is that they are sure in advance of their failure. Be bolder. Believe me, it is just as difficult for large companies to look for specialists like everyone else.

No one will take you immediately after high school to the position of, for example, the head of the HR department, so be prepared to go to assistants or the position of a junior specialist. So you will learn how to work with documents, prepare presentations, perhaps acquire basic skills in the field of personnel selection (recruitment) or project management.

2. Decide who you are – a humanist or an analyst

HR specialists can be divided into several groups. Some prefer the humanitarian direction, others – the analytical one. Some are engaged in the preparation and conduct of training, and the second, for example, budgeting, developing structures and calculating wages and so on. Here, initially, everything depends on the characteristics of the mindset. After analyzing your inclinations and abilities, you will realize that you are doing better and worse. Your immediate supervisor can help you with this.

By the way, if you are a humanist, this does not mean that you cannot work with numbers, you just need to develop skills and abilities to work with them. An example here is a person with a bad memory: he teaches poetry to train it. You can do the same. You can train, for example, on all kinds of reports. When working, you will surely understand what information is collected monthly, quarterly. Approach your leader with the initiative to consolidate reporting for him, ask him to explain a little to you how to do it and what you need to pay attention to.

3. Make the Labor Code your handbook

Labor law is mainly taught at law schools. Therefore, you must fill this gap on your own, as labor law is an area in which you should navigate quite well. You can and should contact your colleagues from the legal service of the company in some difficult cases. But good specialists do not go to the legal department for the slightest reason.

It would be great to write out periodicals that will help you keep abreast of all changes in labor laws. They also provide examples of resolving specific situations, labor disputes. Cooperation with professionals in the field of labor law.

4. Get a business education

It is impossible to be a good specialist in the field of personnel management without understanding the main tasks and tactics of the organization in all divisions. You need to get a business education. It will allow you to learn about world business practices, including in the field of Human Resources, and to adopt modern working methods and experience of leading foreign companies.

But do not forget that this is an expensive form of training and not every employer is willing to pay for it. At some point in your life you will need to answer the question: are you ready to pay for such a program?