Enduring Advantages of Montessori System of Education

Enduring Advantages of Montessori System of Education

Selecting the best school for your child is definitely the most difficult decision to make. There are various types of learning methods which are popu

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Selecting the best school for your child is definitely the most difficult decision to make. There are various types of learning methods which are popular these days and among them Montessori

model of education is at the peak level due to its easy learning tactics.

If you are also planning to admit your child in the Montessori school, scroll down and find some really beneficial information about the Montessori method of learning.


1.  The Base Year of learning is Important

We have often seen schools where more attention is given on the secondary level students after 7th grade but the Montessori teaching has different criteria and they focus more on children between the ages of 3 to 5. Their basic language skills are taken good care along with that there are many sports activity to make them physically active. There are events happening every week to encourage the students to perform their favorite skills.

2. Learning with Fun

As teachers do not monitor the children in doing each of the activities, the kids in Montessori school know the art of helping each other to learn something new each day whether it is about playing or educating one another. They build strong bonding and are well mannered in the classroom. Not that they are not monitored at all but they have the independent space of learning and glowing.

3.  Discipline is Achieved Without Forcing the Child

Montessori schools are famous for their liberty driven education system but that does not mean the children break discipline in order to have fun. The management has set some of the rules to build natural discipline in the child. The teachers also have to follow a set of rules in the classrooms. When the child is taught to be in one decorum he or she will curtail a habit and perform in the same way. Moreover, the classes are clean here and also students are taught to maintain cleanliness in the class. If at a very young age, the children will adopt simple mannerism, it will make them a responsible citizen in the future.

4. Strengthens Operative Sense in Child

In the traditional pattern of learning the kids used to sit in one place and teachers used to do the task of opening their tiffin box and providing them their bags and everything. Here, the role of teachers is minimal and the child is nurtured to do things to do on his own. This way the children become self-dependent and acknowledge discipline at a very young age. The parents do not have to worry about small activities to be done, as their child knows self-care.

5. Teachers are No More Considered as Control-freak

There were times when the teacher did control the child and interfere in every activity of the child. The current scenario is totally different as in Montessori pattern of education, the teacher gives advice and guidance at every stage but does not hinder on the activities done in the classrooms. This way children are not scared by their teachers and are more open with them. Here, the atmosphere is so cooperative that teachers and pupils live as big happy family.

6.  Follows “Every Child is Unique” Ideology

There are many education systems which want every child to score good marks in every subject, which is as good as impossible. If one child is good in mathematics other can be good in English. You cannot judge the child on the basis of one subject. Montessori follows a unique program of letting the children run their own wheels. This means every child gets the opportunity to be better in their own skill sets without taking the burden of knowing everything.

7. Sparks the Inner Drive and Motivation of Child

Parents are always worried about how my child is performing in the exams and how are their grades? This system is completely against the grading system and wants the child to cultivate passion and love in their interest area. In this method, your child does not have to be an allrounder and can be a hero in one particular field. Canadian International School also motivates the child to work independently in particular areas without any kind of pressure.

8.  Constant Work Periods

Most of the schools have 5 periods on a different subject. Montessori type of schooling has this special technique that they work on each subject for a longer duration so the child can inculcate learning in one subject very deeply. This way their concentration level will increase and they will have enhanced knowledge about each subject.

9. Intensifying the Child’s Creativity level

This method of learning is so flexible that your child will have the facility to groom and nurture favorite activity which they enjoy at the fullest. By following this method your child will have a scope of increasing the creativity level without learning hard.

10. Emphasizing on Skill Development

They not just have a plan for subject learning but are also keen on enhancing the skills of the children. The skills like dancing, painting, art, handwriting, singing, and many other activities are done here. The end result is the child will not get bored and they would apprehend the kind of activity they are good at. Slowly and gradually they will love the process and develop many skills.

Montessori Education is a Life Learning Experience

We have given some amazing advantages of  Montessori schooling by which you can get the idea of their ways of parting education.

If you do not want your child to survive in this world and want to make him or her capable of reaching the heights then Montessori is the best option for you.

Your child will be treated like a child but by facilitating all the required set of skills.

Moreover, special attention is given to the weaker child so that they can perform well in the required area.

Every child is different, they must not be treated in one way is the mantra of this education system.