About O1 Visa vs. Green Card

About O1 Visa vs. Green Card

The person with Extraordinary Ability gets easily paid up by O1 visa and enjoys the privileges of it in the land of the US. Many dreams are executed a

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The person with Extraordinary Ability gets easily paid up by O1 visa and enjoys the privileges of it in the land of the US. Many dreams are executed and many are planned later on. The people who do well with O1 visa thinks of jumping from non-immigrant O1 Visa to Green card. O1 visa has the privilege of getting renewed after three years if the beneficiary employer wants him/her to stay or he has pre-planned events to deliver, it is cross verified and if the US find the things positive in stride, the O1 visa is renewed for another three years. There are many beneficiaries in the US on renewal O1 visa for many long years.

The individuals who stay long start striving for permanent immigration to the US and leap forward for Green card.

A green card is the slang term used for Lawful Permanent Residents. The official term is PRC (Permanent Resident Card) or I-551 issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

The Preferred Category

O1 visa holders have preferred category for the USCIS to approve their O1 to a green card. The US recognizes exceptional talent and encourages to retain in their country. The PRC is easily available to O1 visa and O 3 dependant’s visa. The EB1 is the preferred category and it is a quicker way to obtain US green card. You don’t have to go through the daunting process of Labor Certification application / PERM.

Dual Intent

O1 visa beneficiary is allowed to stay and work in the US. Many might have dual intent of procuring green card once they are established there as O1 visa holders. They have the right to apply for an immigration petition as soon as he receives an O1 visa without any negative consequence. He can continue to work under the O1 visa even after applying for the O1 Visa to Green card. The application might take time to process because there is a limited quota of immigrants each year and it depends upon your application number and lady luck fortune.


Privileges of O1 Visa to Get Green Card

O1 Visa to Green card is a better choice and it gives undue privileges because the nation gives privilege to the mass of Extraordinary Ability. They welcome them with open arms.

  • The O1 category doesn’t need sponsors or agents for a petition, they have the privilege of self-petitioning. Even a job offer from the US is not required at the time of applying.
  • The requirements of O1 and EB1 category is more or less similar, the only difference is that O1 visa is non-immigration visa while EB1 is permanent residency card.
  • National interest waiver is effective for O1 visa beneficiaries because the intention of the nation goes for extraordinary ability as discussed before and they get the benefit to hatch green card easily. The potential beneficiaries under the EB2 category can file their petition on its own.
  • One more interesting option for O1 visa beneficiary, they can simultaneously file for EB1 and EB2 category without any hassles of duplication. There is no such law to prevent those from filing EB1 and EB2 together or EB1 and National interest waiver (NIW) together.

Difference between O1 Visa & Green Card

The journey from O1 to Green card is a bit easy than other visa processing but there are distinct differences between the two.

  • The O1 visa is a non-immigrant visa, hence temporary and expires after 3 years. The application for Green card can be dishonoured by USCIS, hence, it is at the sole discretion of the authorities.

•    The EB1 visa is a permanent immigrant card which gives you the right to stay and work in the US enjoying the right and privileges of US citizen.