6 Ways To Add An Aesthetic Look To Your Fireplace In Home

6 Ways To Add An Aesthetic Look To Your Fireplace In Home

A fireplace is an ultimate relaxing place which not only adds to the aesthetics of your room but also forms a fashionable aspect of your home décor. T

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A fireplace is an ultimate relaxing place which not only adds to the aesthetics of your room but also forms a fashionable aspect of your home décor. The core beauty of your home constitutes a fireplace and today we are going to share some of the innovative ideas to add a spark to your place…

It stays distinctive and nothing can beat the heat when you are sitting in front of the blazing fire on a winter night and sipping away your glass of wine.

A fireplace also serves as the center of attention which brings together the interior of your home adding interest and charm to the surrounding atmosphere.

It can also not be ignored, that the value of your property also rises by 5% as this is the place which adds up to the appeal of your property when you are looking forward selling your house.

There are many budget-friendly tips and ideas to give a complete makeover to your fireplace if your pallium is looking weak and old.

  1. Start off with proper cleaning

You probably have no idea of what impact scrubbing and polishing make to a hearthstone, or when you are scrapping of the junks which have piled up there.

First, you need to remove the clutters which have covered up the hearth. For this, you can do it yourself or even can have professionals from rubbish removal sydney to get the job done for you.

Once, all the junks are removed you need to mix lemon with table salt and make a paste and then rub onto the affected areas of brass details.

You can also use fine wire wool and some metallic polish to remove rust if you have a surround made up of cast iron.

  1. Wake up call to your painting instinct

The fireplace can look completely out of place with the once beauty of features or engraving are falling apart and when the tiles have dated out or the paint which is wearing off.

Add life to them with a fresh layer of paint to sustain the classic aspect which you love and creating a new lease of life for them. It is time that you call up for your creative instinct and probably a time to refresh the area ahead.

  • Surrounds made of wood: Prior to cleaning the area and before you apply primer, these aspects are easy to makeover but you need to strip them and sand. Before you go on with the second layer, applying two coats of your chosen wood paint should work quite well.
  • Concerning the insert: For proper coverage, all you need is high heat enamel paint and a foam brush.
  • Transforming the old tiles: It involves less difficult when you think of painting the tiles. You can uplift the area and give a complete new look to the hearth when you paint the beige tile white.


  1. Welcome and rejoice on the materials

There are many ways to update it to give you a modern look in your home if you have a traditional wood fireplace. You can turn all the attention to the idea of adding a panel right above the mantel and turning the breast of the chimney as the center of attraction.

  1. Giving a whitewash look

When you whitewash a fireplace you lighten up the whole space.

It can look too eye straining when you go for the dull bricks and adding bright colors onto them.

You can give the bricks a fresh new life-term when you whitewash the place. This is a budget-friendly thing to do.

  1. Tiling up in style

There are several ways in which you can tailor this to meet your style as tiled fireplace adds the most modern look to space. The chic options which are now handy you will have fun going through them.

You can also add an interesting appeal by going for the monochrome palette which also gives it a refined look.

  1. Fitting a floating beam

Why not choose a floating beam if you are a country person and want to give a country farmhouse look to your fireplace? These make the best choice for those who have a fireplace with no surround and they are quite easy to fit.

All you require is a level, angle grinder, drill, lag bolts, and vent sleeves to get the installation of the beam done.