12 ideas to make your home beautiful

How many times you were thinking about making your home a better place to live in, but you find some more important things to do? Stop looking for

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How many times you were thinking about making your home a better place to live in, but you find some more important things to do?

Stop looking for excuses!

Your home should be a safe place where you spend most of your free time and feel most relaxed. The best way to feel like that is to make a ‘dream home’ for you and your loved ones.

We will show you some helpful ideas to make your dreams come true.

Are you ready? Let’s go!


First of all, pay attention to the color of the walls inside. If you want it to look like there is more space in your house, choose bright colors.

Besides the illusion of larger space, bright colors will also put you in a better mood. If you choose some neutral color for walls, for example, beige or white, you can easily switch up your accessories, because every color would fit.

Dark colors are reserved for the bedroom, where you want to rest your eyes, but be careful because you don’t want any room to be too dark.


The next important thing is lamps and chandeliers.

There are so many different types, colors, and shapes of lights today. Your task is just to make a decision which lamp will fit the best. It is up to you where you will place them, but you should pay attention to dark spots in your house. However, you are free to ‘play with lights’ and find the best position for them.

Advice for parents: don’t forget, there are many children lamps too, we are sure your kids would be happy to see one colorful lamp in their room.


Nothing without pillows! Cozy and soft, inevitable part of every sofa! Decorative and useful, pads are small, but significant improvement of your interiors look.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can change their pattern with each season. Your house will look like home with the help of those soft friends.

And last but not least, your spine will be thankful.


No home can not be improved by the power of – candles — an effortless but effective way to create a relaxing atmosphere and add a sense of warmth.

Adding a candle here and there can create an intimate and romantic atmosphere. They look good in every room: bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Also, there are different candle fragrances and colors, so you can decide which one you want to use in your home at a specific moment. It is essential to mention one more thing – candles are known for their soothing, therapy properties, so lighting a candle will help after a long, stressful day. So, choose your candles and have a deep breath!


Those artworks are so crucial that we are sure that you already have at least one picture in your house.

If you don’t have any, what are you waiting for? Every single man on Earth has art in his blood, and paintings are the result of most talented artists among us.

Pictures have the power to change the look of the entire room totally and to make a room look more sophisticated or mysterious, and it depends on what kind of paintings are you into.

Choose wisely place on the wall where your precious artwork will be placed, considering its size and dominating colors.


Return of the wallpapers on the big door, a few years ago, brings me great joy. They were invented in the 15th century, and their decorative function remains these days.

The fact they manage to survive for centuries tells a lot about their role in homes all over the world. Today, the selection of wallpapers is impenetrable, and there is something for everyone.

But, there is one more great thing about wallpapers in this modern time: some shops allow you to create your wallpaper with your own choice of pattern, so all you need is the imagination to make your home looks completely different.


One more relic of the past on our list, but who can resist this practical, relaxing piece of furniture?

Since childhood, we have been in love with rocking chairs, and I can tell you something: that is true eternal love. It will make your living room look unique, and you will enjoy every moment spent in this chair.

The effect will be even better if you (or some professional) paint it and give it the real personal stamp.


If you really want your house to feel like home, there is no better way than having house plants.

First of all, we have to mention their capability of removing toxins from the air and adding humidity. Something else is also indisputably when it comes to house plants – they complement all types of décor. I

If you don’t have enough time or will to take care of them, there is some good news: many plants don’t ask for too much effort, as ‘Baby Tears Plant’ or ‘Air Plant.’

On the other side, if you’d like to make some exotic look at your home, you can try to grow lemon! Yes, you have read this correctly! Lemon has proven to be a right house plant with an optimal amount of sunshine and water.


People often forget about how much mirrors can improve your house interior if you experiment with them in the right way.

Especially owners of smaller apartments should consider this idea because mirrors optically enlarge the room.

Today you can find mirrors in different shapes with all kinds of different frames, and your task is to adjust the mirror to the style of your interior. Use mirror with rustic frame or one with a modern mirrored frame or minimalistic frame depends on the rest of your interior.

You can also make a group of smaller mirrors. The most commonly used are square or rectangular mirrors, but remember that round mirrors make space look more relaxed and inviting.


Its the first thing people see, so for an excellent first impression, paint your front door a fun color. Most of the doors are painted in typical dull colors, mostly brown.

So it would make a difference if you pick some fun color or color, which is associated with joy and warmth.

Also, you can play with more colors or designs, but there is a catch: this tip is for the brave and adventurous type of people only!


An inevitable part of furniture are shelves. Nothing can replace practical and aesthetic importance they have in every home.

They also come in different shapes and colors, so there is something for every taste. Use your imagination and find the best shelf for your books, plants, and decorative figures.


Don’t forget to be creative with your coffee table. You can use one with a glass top or all-wooden one but also a table with more levels.

A coffee table is fundamental and often the central object in the living room, so pay attention to it and give it some personal stamp.


Apply at least some of those tips and enjoy a completely new interior of your home.

It’s not a waste of time: your home is your oasis of peace, your fortress, your shelter. Make it the best one.


My name is Nina K., wife, future mother, UI/UX Designer, and Blogger. Also, a massive fan of candles and everything that smells nice. Founder of mycandleplanet.com with my husband. I like to read, work, and to spend free time to make my candles.